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RayZor VyZor Model Description.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE:  Rayzor’s VyZor Sunglasses’ frames are specially designed using unique lightweight polycarbonate plastic and polycarbonate rubber compounds.  Our special compounds ensure that sunglasses’ frames are lightweight and durable.  Lightweight & durability are fundamental qualities of all Rayzor products, which has always been at the forefront in creating the perfect sunglasses for outdoor sports.


  • SEAMLESS VISION: Rayzor professional sports sunglasses are all fitted with our top of the range Rayzor anti glare clarity lenses.  Our lenses block out 100% of all harmful UV400 rays, reduces glare and they offer fuller clarity during sporting activities.  The yellow lens models have been especially designed for perfect vision throughout low light environments.


  • PREMIUM COMFORT: Our Sports glasses have been carefully formed to fit most faces of both men and women.  Specifically designed with both polycarbonate and anti slip rubber to prevent slippage.  Rayzor’s glasses have earnt the CE Quality badge, which was awarded on the premise of conformity to quality standards as set by the EEC.


  • UNIVERSAL USE: Our unisex sunglasses come in one size but can fit just about any facial structure. With its unique lightweight polycarbonate plastic and rubber compound frames, it wraps around securely so they won’t keep falling down due to elements like rain, wind, or even sweat. They are designed for both men and women to be able to wear comfortably but have a little give so you can gently mould them to your face.


  • Fitting Guide: The RayZor VyZor model is the most flexible model and has the best fitting ratings and fewest returns due to sizing. The White frame models come with air vents in the lens to reduce any misting during strenuous exercise.



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